POSSESSED Black Contacts

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Unleash an aura of mystique with our Possessed Black Contact Lenses—an invitation to a world where your gaze becomes an enigmatic masterpiece. Perfect for those who dare to be different, these lenses are designed to captivate and mesmerize.

The deep, possessed black hue adds an intense allure to your eyes, creating a striking and unforgettable look. Whether you’re channelling gothic elegance, embracing a daring costume, or simply making a bold style statement, these lenses are your key to an entrancing transformation.

Crafted for both comfort and impact, our Possessed Black Contact Lenses ensure a seamless fit for extended wear up to 8 hours. The high-quality materials guarantee not only a stunning aesthetic but also a safe and enjoyable experience for your eyes.

Embrace the dark side and redefine your gaze with Possessed Black Contact Lenses. Elevate your look with an element of mystery. Order now and step into a realm where your eyes tell a captivating story!

Primal Contact Lenses – POSSESSED

  • Use for a maximum of 8hrs per day
  • Use for a maximum of 3 months
  • Clean your lenses and case every two days, even when not in use, and additionally before each use
  • Use ONLY appropriate contact lens disinfecting solution (not sold by Kerry’s)

Primal contact lenses are intended for customers 16 years of age or older, parental advisory is recommended. Lens care guidelines card provided with purchase.


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