Frequently Asked Questions

Although we recommend pre-ordering your bouquets, we do accept walk-in orders!

Yes! We ask that you bring the balloons to one of our Certified Balloon Artists who will confirm the balloon quality in person, and let you know how much each would be to fill.

Our standard delivery hours are from 10:30am – 1:30pm daily, however, we can arrange specialty delivery for set ups outside these hours.

Yes, but subject to driver availability.

With 2 business days notice, we can change your order to a credit for you to use towards a future event.

We have balloon bouquets to fit any budget!

We have products listed with sizes to help determine this, and we highly recommend picking up your orders with an empty vehicle, seats down if possible.

Large plastic bags create static electricity, so to make your bouquets easier to transport, we condense them down on a piece of cardboard, which you simply rip in half to allow the balloons to pop-up to their arranged heights.

Generally we say they last 2-3 days depending on how they are kept. Balloons left outside or that are being played around with, will not last as long, however, those kept inside in good conditions may last even longer.