801 Medium Tank

Medium Helium Tank Fills approx. 120 x 11″ Balloons

*PLEASE NOTE: Tanks are subject to availability, please call the store 905 547 2789 to order*

-tanks are not out of stock, we just require more information before you can order.

Helium tank rentals require us to hold a copy of a drivers license and credit card information until the tank has been returned to the store. Tanks can be set up for delivery, however, there is an additional fee for pickup if you are not dropping the tank off to the store yourself after your event.

Please ensure when traveling with tank(s) in your vehicle that they are secured, not able to roll around, and never travel with the nozzle attached. To attach the nozzle, screw on until it stops, do not over tighten! To release the nozzle, close the valve all the way, release the pressure with the nozzle and then unscrew the nozzle.


Out of stock


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